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If you have studied your high school abroad you need to get a high school equivalency letter from The Ministry of Education in Turkey. You can also obtain this document from The Turkish Embassy/ Consulate in your country. Please note that this document is a must to complete your registration. To get more information regarding Equivalency Certificate you can click here.

Entry Requirements for Bachelor’s Degree/ Associate Degree Programmes

You can check the exams and minimum scores accepted for undergraduate program applications by Beykoz University from here.


Entry Requirements for Master’s Degree Programmes

  • The University that you have graduated must be recognized by Turkish Higher Education Council.
  • You need to have minimum 3 years bachelor’s degree diploma.
  • You need to have minimum 50% success on your bachelor’s degree diploma.
  • If you want to do your master’s in Computer Engineering Programme, you need to have computer based bachelor’s degree diploma such as IT, Computer Science, etc.