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International Students

After Arrival Guide

How to Get to Beykoz University from the Airports?

Beykoz University has 5 campuses in Beykoz district. International Office is located in Rectorate Campus. Here is the address of Rectorate Campus: Orhan Veli Kanık Caddesi No:114, 34810 Kavacık – Beykoz/ Istanbul

Private Taxi

  • Provide the address to the taxi driver!
  • You can also use following mobile apps for taxi: BiTaksi, Getir Taxi, Uber, i-Taxi
  • Please do not forget to check the taximeter!


  • You can also take HAVAIST bus from the airport. After taking your baggage and passing the immigration counter go to the  -1 or basement exit. You can find HAVAIST counters there. Ask about Kavacık bus stop and buy the ticket.

From Istanbul International  Airport 

1st Option: Public Transport

  • Follow the metro sign as you exit the airport.
  • Take M11 metro from the Airport (Istanbul Havalimanı) to ‘‘Kağıthane.’’
  • Take M7 from ‘‘Kağıthane’’ to ‘‘Mecidiyeköy’’. Then take bus number 121A, 121B or 121BS from ‘‘Mecidiyeköy Viyadük’’ station to ‘‘Kavacik Mezarlık’’ station.
  • Walk 300 meters to Beykoz University Rectorate Campus

2nd Option: Public Transport

  • Exit towards the bus terminal.
  • Take bus nuumber H-2 from the airport bus terminal to ‘‘Mecidiyeköy’’.
  • Take bus  number 121A, 121B or 121BS from ‘‘Mecidiyeköy Viyadük’’ station to ‘‘Kavacik Mezarlık’’ station.
  • Walk 300 meters to Beykoz University Rectorate Campus

From Sabiha Gokcen International Airport

  • 1st Option: Public Transport
  • Exit the Airport towards the bus terminal.
  • Take SG-2 bus from the Airport to Kavacık Bridge.
  • From ‘‘Kavacık Bridge’’ take bus 121A, 121B, 121BS, 15A or 135A to ‘‘Kavacik Mezarlık’’ station.
  • Walk 300 meters to Beykoz University Rectorate Campus

2nd Option: Public Transport

  • Follow the metro sign as you exit the airport.
  • Take metro number M4 from the Airport to Göztepe station.
  • Take bus number 15BK bus from ‘‘Göztepe Metro’’ to ‘‘Kavacık Mezarlık’’ station.

How to Get a Student Certificate?

Visit  “” and log in to your OIS account by using your student username and password (provided by the university).

  1. Click on the purple icon on the left.
  2. Click on “Online document request”.
  3. Select “Student Certificate” as “Document Type” and then choose the “Document Language” based on your needs. Then click on the “INSERT” button.
  4. Now your request is ready! Click on the green bellow button “Send Document Request to Student Affairs”.
  5. Your document request has been sent! You can check its status after a while.
  6. When the status is ‘Signed’, you can click the red button on the left side to download your document. We have electronic signature system for official documents. After it is signed you will see ‘electronically signed’ sentence on your Student Certificate which can be verified online as well.
  7. After checking the details, you can click the download button and print out your student certificate.

How to Get Student Transportation Card (Istanbul Card)

What is Istanbul Card?

Istanbul Card can be used in any public transportation in

Istanbul; bus, metro, tram, metrobus, Marmaray. While taking the bus, metro, tram, metrobus, Marmaray, you pay a fixed amount every time you make use of it. We recommend you

get one of Istanbul cards to ease your travels and pay less.

How can I apply?

There are two options to obtain the Istanbul Card.

The second option is to visit trucks parked in different locations, such as Beykoz, Sisli, Taksim.

You can check the following link to see the application centers to apply in person:

How to Get an Equivalency Certificate?

If you have studied high school abroad, you need to get a high school equivalency certificate from Turkish Authorities. If there is, you can obtain your equivalency certificate from the Educational Attaché at the Turkish Embassy in your country. This is the link where you can find the list of Educational Attachés If there is no Educational Attaché in your country, you can also obtain this document from The Ministry of National Education in Türkiye. Please note that this document is a must to complete your registration.

  • Make sure that your high school diploma and transcripts are approved by the Ministry of Education in your country. If you have studied in a country a member of apostilé countries, you need to get an apostilé from the relevant organization.
  • Translate your high school documents into the Turkish Language.

Turkish translations must be certified by a notary. If you get your documents certified by a notary abroad,  the documents must be approved by the Turkish Consulates as well or you can translate your documents in Turkey and get them certified by the notary in Turkey.Apply online for Equivalency Certificate form here:

You need to upload the following documents to your equivalency certificate application:

  • Application form (This form must be filled and signed manually with blue pen.)
  • Passport
  • Visa Page
  • Residence Permit (if you have)
  • High school diploma
  • High school transcript
  • Notarized Turkish translation of high school diploma
  • Notarized Turkish translation of high school transcript

**Go to the appointment on time with the original documents. You can download your Equivalency Certificate online after following ten days of your appointment:

How to Get Health Insurance

Public Health Insurance

If you apply for residence permit without having health insurance, you need to sign a statement and submit it in your residence permit file at your appointment. Public health insurance can be obtained after getting your residence permit. But note that this can be obtained only within 3 months after your arrival to Turkey. So, in order to be able to get this insurance, you need to be in Turkey for max 3 months. Also, you need to register to the university and complete your residence permit procedure within 3 months. The payment of insurance must be paid to SGK and this insurance must be renewed every year. SGK/ Public health insurance can be used in state hospitals.

Private Health Insurance

You can get private health insurance from one of the insurance companies for a year or 2 years and you can use this insurance in private hospitals that insurance company has agreement with. Either you can get your private health insurance from the insurance company as well as Beykoz University can provide this. The insurance payment must be paid to the Accounting Department in order to get health insurance with assistance of the International Office team.

How to Get Residence Permit

All international students must have residence permit to stay in Turkey legally. In order not to jeopardize your education, you have to keep your residence permit valid. International students can get their residence permits by registering themselves with the local authorities (Göç İdaresi).

Get an appointment from the Directorate General of Migration Management of Turkey by filling the online application form from here:

Prepare the residence permit file before the appointment date and visit The Intertational Office for a quick documents control/ check.

Students need to get the following items ready prior to the appointment date.

  • Passport (the original and the copy)
  • Copy of the visa page (copy of the data page, copy of the page which bares the stamp of the date of entrance into Turkey and if you had a visa, copy of the page bearing the visa for Turkey will be needed. If you came to Turkey with an e-visa, then you will need to submit a copy of your e-visa along with your application).

!Please note that in order to get a residence permit, you need to have a passport valid for at least the next six months.

  • A valid health insurance policy.
  • Student Certificate.
  • Statement of income (can be obtained from International Office).
  • Copy of your previous residence permit (if there is)
  • Name equivalency certificate (If there is full name stated on your passport together, students need to get name equivalency letter from their embassy/ consulate which shows the first name, middle name and last name separately.)
  • If student is under 18, the signed documents from your parents regarding their permission about your study in Turkey and its notary approved sworn translation. Along with the permission letter, you need to submit your birth certificate (or a similar documentation) proving that the signatories of the permission letter are your parents.
  • Tax payment receipt (the fee is stated on residence permit application form can be paid to the tax offices)
  • Signed residence permit application form.
  • Notarized house contract
  • Title deed from the landlord (Tapu)
  • 4 biometric photos

!Go to your appointment  with all the above-mentioned documents on time.

Address Registration

After 20 days of recieving the student residence permit with foreign ID number (YKN), you need to register your address in the Directorate of Population Office (Nüfus Müdürlüğü) in the district where you live. In order to do this you need to submit your rental contract or bills (internet/ water/ electricity) that shows the name with the addresses.

How to Select/ Register Courses

For only the first semester course selection will be done automatic for undergraduate students there will be no need for students to select their course.

  1. Login into your OIS account
  2. Click on the first (grey) icon.
  3. Click on “course taking”.
  4. A list of courses you may repeat, courses you have to repeat and courses that you haven’t taken before which are available for that respective semester will be displayed.
  5. At the far right of every course you will click enroll button to select the course you wish to take.
  6. Send the selected course list to your advisor for approval by clicking on the ‘‘send to advisor’’ button and wait for approval.
  7. You can contact your supervisor by logging into your OIS account and on the main screen you will see courses interface where the name of your advisor and email will be displayed OR you may also contact your advisor by clicking on the compose message in the inbox section which is on the main screen after you log in into your OIS and click on the + sign at the right side of your supervisor’s name, write your message in the message box and then click on “send” button.

How to Check Weekly Course Schedule

  • Log in to Your OİS Account
  • Click on the purple icon on the left.
  • Click on “Course program”.
  • Your weekly schedule will show up on your screen.

How to Get Turkish Phone Number (sim card)

Walk in any company store that sells Turkish phone numbers (Turkcell, Turk Telecom, Vodafone)

Required documents:

  • Passport (for those who do not have resident permit yet)
  • Resident Permit (if there is)
  • Payment (payment varies from one company to another)

How to Register Your Mobile Phone in Turkey?

  1. Take your phone, your passport, and your Turkish residence permit to a Turkish government tax office (Vergi Dairesi).
  2. Present them your imported mobile device from abroad and apply for device registraion.
  3. Once you pay the tax, you will receive a Vergi Dairesi Alındısı, a paper receipt for the payment of the registration tax, with your mobile device’s IMEI noted on it.

!The registration tax fee changes every year.

How to Open a Bank Account

Students need to provide following documents to the bank in order to open a bank account:

  • Residence permit
  • Passport
  • Tax number (will be obtained from the tax office)
  • Address Registration Certificate

!The required document might change from branch to another.

How to Get Important Announcements?

Important Announcements are usually posted under the news field on the website

  • Regularly visit
  • Check your OIS portal for any announcements
  • Check your Beykoz University Student Email inbox regularly.

How to Follow the Important Dates

  1. Go to the website
  2. On the top left corner there is academic calendar that has all the Important dates throughout the semester.

!Make sure you follow up the new part on the websites on any changes that may occur.

How to Check Exam Schedule/Timetable

  1. Log in to Your OİS Account
  2. Click on the purple icon on the left.
  3. Click on “Exam Schedule”.
  4. Your Exam Schedule will be displayed.