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Beykoz University continues its education in six campuses in Beykoz Kavacık, Istanbul. Designed specifically for our educational models with a safe environment, modern infrastructure, these campuses are built according to the academic and social lives of students. Canteens, library, laboratories and workshops; infirmaries have all the facilities that should be available on a university campus with their sportive activities. The activities of student clubs, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, interviews and other activities create a rich culture, arts and entertainment atmosphere at our university.

Our university will be moved to Mahmut Şevket Paşa Village, located in Beykoz, on a 80-decare land, and will continue to serve as a campus university in the coming years. The campus area selected among many architectural projects will meet all needs of students with laboratories, social-cultural areas, sports centers, library and dormitories. Choose Beykoz University and graduate from an exemplary campus.


The Health, Culture and Sports Directorate organizes sports teams that include our students, academics and administrative staff through our university teams and student clubs, and participates in special inter-university and regional competitions.

During the 2018-2019 academic semester, our teams organized various activities and participated in tournaments and competitions by organizing various activities and participating in tournaments and competitions, and achieved success in different branches for our university. The biggest of these achievements, our futsal team was Turkey Champions.

Our team of Futsal participated in Unilig Futsal Men

Tournament held in Turkey in 2019 and came 1st which was a great happiness for our university. As a valuable member of our university, you can enjoy winning trophies by entering one of these teams!

As Health, Culture and Sports Directorate, we aim to establish our fencing, athletics, kick boxing, snowboarding, cycling, wrestling, billiards, shooting, chess and tennis teams, and we will be happy to see you among us.


Culture-art activities are also held at Beykoz University that enable our students to complete their personal development in many ways; general culture and art accumulation is supported by various activities.

Our Theater Club, founded by our students who are interested in art; exhibited the plays that they rehearsed throughout the year both on the stage of our university and on various stages of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters.

In 2017, the play “A Marriage Proposal” by Anton Chekhov and the “Chained Prometheus” plays of Aiskhylos in 2018 were staged. In 2019, the theater play called “Liar Wanted” was staged at the Ahmet Mithat Efendi Cultural Center under the direction of our graduate students Burak Yılmaz and Uğurcan Turgut. Our students, who successfully stage theater plays, participate in various art events and theater competitions with these plays.

Our Literature Club students announce an important poet / writer as “the artist of the month” every month on social media; organizes cultural events in order to read the works of the determined artist. Students of this club also bring art lovers together on certain days and weeks, on the birth / death anniversaries of important literary artists, and in conversation events.


Our university continues its education life in four different campuses in Beykoz Kavacık and currently continues its campus construction in Mahmut Şevket Paşa Village in Beykoz; it offers accommodation opportunities to students in agreement with private dormitories in the district of Beykoz. Various payment / discount facilities are also provided on behalf of our university for our students who will stay in these dormitories.


Beykoz University provides accommodation for female students in the 2024-2025 Academic Year. An accommodation in the comfort of your home awaits you at Birgül Hanım Student Dormitory, a brand new, carefully designed partner student dormitory that is 5-10 minutes walking distance from all our campuses and will accept its first students this year!


Offered with accommodation options for single, double, triple, quadruple, five-person and six-person accommodation, the rooms have a bathroom, Wi-Fi, television, mini refrigerator, a personal locker and a desk for each student. Your stay in a clean environment is considered as much as you are, and free room cleaning service is provided two days a week. In addition, regular cleaning of common areas is equally important. There is a telephone on each floor for students’ safety and easy access to dormitory management.

Study Rooms

In addition to the personal study areas in the dormitory rooms, there is a study room where joint studies can be carried out.


The dormitory is fully secured and common areas are monitored 24 hours a day with security cameras and recording systems. There is security personnel in the dormitory and at the dormitory door 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and students’ entrance to the dormitory is provided by a secure turnstile card pass. The fire and service stairs on each floor are designed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, and there is also a report showing that the dormitory building is earthquake resistant.

Social Spaces

The dormitory has a television room where our students can relax and watch their favorite TV series and movies. There is also a game room in the dormitory where you can have a pleasant time, spend your free time and relieve the stress of the day, with games such as chess, taboo, scrabble and okey. The sports center in the dormitory is also waiting for students who cannot give up doing sports.

Food & Beverage

Breakfast is provided free of charge in the dormitory. There is also a fully equipped kitchen where you can feel at home and cook whenever you want. If you wish, you can have your food and beverage needs at a fast food restaurant, canteen or dining hall in the dormitory for a fee. The dormitory also has a mini market where you can meet your basic needs.

Laundry Services

The dormitory has a laundry and ironing room with dryers for your laundry. Your bed linens are washed free of charge by the dormitory management once a week.

Other services

There is a regularly disinfected mosque for common use so that our students can perform their prayers.

Dormitory Fees

  • Annual dormitory fees are as follows between 30 September 2024 – 30 June 2025, with room options including breakfast, exclusively for Beykoz University students. The dormitory fee includes accommodation, breakfast, cleaning, internet and hot water.
Room type Room Description Annual Accomodation Fee*

(Per person)

Single Room Single room with bathroom, standard bed $10.600
Double Room Double room with bathroom, standard bed $9.100
Triple Room Triple room with bathroom, standard bed $7.600
Quadruple room Quadruple room with bathroom, standard bed $6.600
Room for five Room for 5 people with bathroom, standard bed $6.100
Room for six Room for 6 people with bathroom, standard bed $5.600

*The annual accommodation fee is the minimum standard room and bed fee, specific to our students. If a different bed and room feature is preferred, the annual accommodation fee may vary. This difference may arise, for example, from a reason such as choosing to stay in a single bed while there are bunk beds for 4 people in a 5-person room.

Dormitory Reservation

Beykoz University students receive discounted accommodation in the dormitory in accordance with the agreement made with Birgül Hanım Beykoz Female Dormitory. Our students must pay the dormitory fee after obtaining an entry visa to Turkey or completing the university registration process.

If the dormitory registration is canceled after registering to the dormitory, the payment made for accommodation will not be refunded. Refund of the payment is possible only if the student’s residence permit application is rejected and if this rejection is not due to a reason caused by the student, a 10% deduction is made.

To Register Form please click here.


Annual accommodation fee must be paid to the account below. “Beykoz University and Student Name” must be written on the receipt.



Places may be limited due to high demand in dormitories, but do not worry, we also offer alternative accommodation options close to the university. We are here to find an accommodation option that suits you!

Contact Details:

0090 216 912 22 52


In line with the philosophy “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself” the clubs created by students at Beykoz University;

  • AHBAP Club, Cooking Club, Search and Rescue Club, Research and Development Club, Beşiktaş Club, Science and Fantasy Fiction Club, Information Technology Club, Environment and Energy Club, Cartoon and Animation Club, Computer Engineering Club, Dance Club, Maritime Club, Nature Sports Club, Literature Club, E-Sports and Game Club, Photography Club, Gastronomy Club, Young Entrepreneurs Club, GenççKal Club, Public Relations Club, Aviation Club, Business Club, Management Engineering Club, Occupational Health and Safety Club, Women’s Club, Logistics Club, Architecture Club, Music Club, Game Development Club, Psychology Club, Rail Systems Club, Chess Club, Health Desk Club, Cyber ​​Club, Cinema Club, Water Sports Club, Social Services Club, History Club, Design Club, Theater Club, Community A total of 52 clubs including volunteers, Software Engineering, Yeniler Club and University Fenerbahçeliler Community,

These clubs color and shape social and cultural life at our university with their activities. The number of clubs is constantly increasing with the participation of our new students.

The activities of our student clubs are shared with all students, academic and administrative staff from the “Beykoz Events” social media accounts. The students who take part in the student clubs, which are also simulations of business life, take charge in clubs in order to take responsibility, develop their talents, work as a team, and perform extra-curricular activities to meet social and cultural needs. You can either join the club of your choice or lead the forming of a club of your choice!

Technical Trips

Technical Trips give the opportunity to examine the theoretical and practical training received by our students practically in companies. In these previously planned technical trips, our students get the opportunity to learn what they would like to know about by asking company officials questions.


Our students can find all meals of the day at the “Palegg Cafe” located in all campuses of our university.