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Equivalency Certificate: The process of determining the equivalent class, field, branch or department of the documents obtained from private education institutions at the international primary and secondary educational level and at the schools opened by embassies in the country and from primary and secondary education institutions in Turkey and abroad is called equivalence.

If you have studied your high school abroad, you need to get a high school equivalency certificate from Turkish Authorities. If there is, you can obtain your equivalency certificate from the Educational Attaché at the Turkish Embassy in your country. You can find here ( ) the list of Educational Attachés.

If there is no Educational Attaché in your country, you can also obtain this document from The Ministry of National Education in Türkiye. Please note that this document is a must to complete your registration.

How Can You Get Your Equivalency Certificate?

Make sure that your high school diploma and transcripts are approved by Ministry of Education in your country. If you have studied in a country a member of apostilé countries, you need to get an apostilé from the relevant organization. You can find the list of apostilé countiries here


If there is an Educational Attaché in your country directly apply for equivalency certificate. If there is no Educational Attaché in your country, first of all get apostilé or approval on your diploma and transcripts from Ministry of Education/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It depends on country where you can get this approval.


Apply online for Equivalency Certificate form here

Translate your high school documents to Turkish Language. Turkish translations must be certified by a notary. If you get your documents certified by a notary abroad,  the documents must be approved by the Turkish Consulates as well or you can translate your documents in Turkey and get them certified by the notary in Turkey.


You need to upload following documents to your equivalency certificate application:

  • Application form (This form must be filled manual by blue pen and signed.)

  • Passport

  • Residence Permit (if you have)

  • High school diploma

  • High school transcript

  • Turkish translation of high school diploma

  • Turkish translation of high school transcript


Go to the appointment on time with the original documents.


You can download your Equivalency Certificate online here  after following in 3 to 10 days of your appointment.


You can find all answers to your questions regarding Equivalency Certificate in here