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Health Insurance is required to get residence permit. So, you need to get health insurance before applying for residence permit. But there are alternatives of health insurance. There are public health insurance and private health insurance that you can have. These insurances can be used in hospitals as well.

Public Health Insurance:

If you apply for residence permit without having health insurance, you need to sign a statement and submit it in your residence permit file to on your appointment. Public health insurance can be obtained after getting your residence permit. But note that this can be obtained only within 3 months after completeing your registration at the University. So, in order to be able to get this insurance, you need to apply for it within 3 months after completing your registration. The payment of insurance must be paid to SGK and this insurance must be renewed every year. SGK/ Public health insurance can be used in state hospitals.

Private Health Insurance:

You can get private health insurance from one of the insurance companies for a year or 2 years. And you can use this insurance in private hospitals that insurance company has agreement with. Either you can get your private health insurance from the insurance company or Beykoz University can provide this. The insurance payment must be paid to the Accounting Department in order to get health insurance with assistance of the International Office.