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In this day and age, the business world expects the people with bachelor degree to embark upon the business life having some critical competences besides theoretical information in their fields. The business world now acknowledges the fact that with the transformation from industrial production model to interconnected and global information economy based on quick technology, some valued competencies throughout history have also changed and envisages the education system to be transformed accordingly.

Setting off from this need, our university has actualized Competence Development Program in all bachelor and associate degree programs in 2017. Besides the knowledge of the field our students receiving education in, it has been currently aimed to graduate them by developing themselves with basic and executive 14 Competencies that the Business world of 21st century needs.

1. Competency, Problem Solving and Conflict Management
2. Leadership and Team Work
3. Ethics and Social Responsibility
4. Written & Oral Communication and Interaction
5. Critical Thinking Ability, Developing Creative and Innovative Thinking
6. Developing a Strategic and Enterprising Perspective
7. Taking Responsibility and Independent Decision Making
8. Handling Change
9. Learning How to Learn, Personal and Social Development
10. Developing Global Perspective
11. Ability to Use Technology and Digital Competency
12. Cultural Awareness and Expression
13. Social and Citizenship Competency
14. Communication in Foreign Languages

We measure 14 competency levels we determine when our students register to the university with an inventory. After taking this inventory specifically designed for each student, we share “Competency Level Report-1” with our student and his/her advisor instructor. Our students determine the courses directed towards the competencies they need to develop by this report and they make significant progress with these courses in the competencies until their graduations. After all these studies, we again take the inventory for the students who are qualified to graduate and certify their progress with “Competency Level Report-2”, and along with their diploma, we grant our students the Competency Certificate. Thus, our students embark on the business world with the critical basic and executive competencies they gain throughout their education life besides the knowledge in their fields and start their careers one step ahead.